Must do things with Family & kids in Mahabaleshwar

Pondering upon the decision of taking a trip with family and unable to pick a destination? Consider a sojourn full of adventure and fun that promises a lifetime of memories with your family. We present the perfect destination for a family vacation in the beautiful mountains that present some of the best sunsets year round – The Queen of Hills in Maharashtra – Mahabaleshwar.


Adventures to put together a perfect family vacation in the hills 

• A Relaxing Family Boating for Leisure

Boating at Venna Lake

Venna Lake exhibits a striking appearance that is bound to mesmerize people belonging to all age groups. The long stretch of the lake is surrounded by trees on both sides bringing you closer to the warmth of nature. Boating at Venna Lake is a family activity loved by kids as well as adults and witnessing a quaint lakeside sunset with your loved ones is indeed a calming and relaxing experience. A window clear lake set apart from the mountains in a still and quite valley covered with a blanket of white clouds above makes the evening memorable. 

Bond Over An Effortful Trek

trekking in mahabaleshwar

Mountains call for trekking and what is better than an adventurous trek with your family to shrug off all the city stress from your shoulders. Moving higher from the valleys you find different scenic points that offer breathtaking views of the mountains and other valleys nearby. Small water bodies – both manmade and natural – can also be witnessed from these view points. 

Bring Out The Inner Adventure Seeker 

Horse riding in mahabaleshwar

Horse riding at this renowned hill station sparks the joy of adventure in the eyes of young adults. Available widely all across Mahabaleshwar, horse riding is many times used to traverse from one place of scenic beauty to another. It poses as a tourist activity at places of tourist attraction and is proffered as a prominent mode of transport by many resorts. This fun adventurous activity not only allows families to have a less tiring trip but also saves time allowing more activities to be covered on the vacation.

Experience An Adrenaline Rush

Frolicking around in the mountains is not the only best part of this hill station. Mahabaleshwar has a lot to offer in a fun filled family trip and the varieties of adventure activities form a part of it. Chasing drives at the go-karting arena, heart fluttering experience at the drop tower and a feeling of pure excitement in the giant wheel are some activities that are ought to be etched on the walls of your memory.

  Witnessing Mesmerizing Sunsets

Mesmerizing Sunset in Mahabaleshwar 

Mahabaleshwar is most famous for the valley views and like a cherry on the cake the attention-grabbing sunsets here set the sky on fire. The experience of a perfect sunset at the edge of the sunset point with your family beside you cannot be compared with a million sunset views from the skyscrapers in the city. Creating memories while capturing this view in a family photograph makes an evening content and happy. 

Relishing on Local Food Joints

local food of mahabaleshwar

Local food joints in this small town has a lot to offer and for some it may even be a trip down the memory lane. While cool mountain-breeze flows down the valley slope, the happiness of devouring a plate full of pakodas with your loved ones can only be made better when it is paired with a cup of chai. In summers, a tiresome trek can be turned into a refreshing event by enjoying refreshments like farm-fresh strawberry milkshakes and ice creams on the way. Monsoon trip with hot maggi from local stalls in the mountains is an experience like no other. 

A Trip Through History

Sahyadri ranges

Experiencing the richness of our history and heritage firsthand helps children absorb our culture better. Fun trips that include places of historic importance always spark excitement and curiosity in children. The Pratapgad fort has lived through the era of battles and is known for its structure and architecture. Scenic and geographic importance of the Sahyadri ranges in our history explains many battles won by our Kings of valor. A trip to an abode of Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja proves educating and enlightening for kids as well as adults. 

Tapping on The Inner Peace

ancient temple of Lord Shiva in mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is considered a place of pilgrimage from ancient times and is rightly named after Lord Shiva who is also called Mahabali in many scriptures. An ancient temple of Lord Shiva with an interesting origin story and a calming atmosphere is situated at the heart of this small town. Locals near this town strongly believe that worshipping this temple with our loved ones ensures fulfillment of all wishes. The walls of this temple showcase intricate details and the inner space emits positive energy that helps visitors find inner peace.