Best Romantic Things to Do in Mahabaleshwar for Couples

Pleasant weather, strikingly beautiful sunsets and green valley areas sum up a perfect destination for a romantic getaway in the mountains. A place that not only brings you closer to nature but is also filled with activities that brings you and your partner closer. The serenity of Mahabaleshwar is such that visitors are lost in its remarkable beauty which makes it a perfect place for a romantic weekend stay. 


Exceedingly popular activities with a romantic appeal at Mahabaleshwar 

Scenic Points on The Way

mahabaleshwar scenic view

Cruising through the twisty roads with a green valley view on the sides and cloud-clad mountains in the surroundings is a sight worth watching. Nothing as fun as a road trip to Mahabaleshwar through the scenic routes full of ghats, trees, beautiful waterfalls and valleys. It only gets exciting when you drive past small villages and towns as you get to witness different cultural aspects and their local food. Open mountain sky is full of clouds and greenery during monsoon sets upon the mountains like a blanket. 

Enjoying The Valley View

mahabaleshwar mountains

At Mahabaleshwar, activities as basic as sitting in the hotel room could be turned into a pleasant evening as all hotels offer beautiful views of the mountains. A stay-in day at the hotel with your partner can be enjoyed by gazing at the sunset from your verandah and enjoying quick bites served at your room. Witness the ethereal views of the Sahyadris with your loved one and spend your vacation in harmony and peace. The feeling of living in the mountains is a rejuvenating experience in itself. 

A Classy Roof-top Dinner

restaurant table

You would be surprised at the number of classy pubs and restaurants found in this little town. Planning a romantic date night to spend quality time with your loved one comes easy with the root-top restaurants available across the town of Mahabaleshwar. Cuisines from around the globe prepared by local as well as internationally trained chefs are available at these high-end restaurants. As the saying goes - Relishing your favorite meal together creates a bond that is shared for eternity.

A Moonlight Tryst

An escape to the woods for over-night couple camping is ideal for a perfect romantic activity. Evenings can be enjoyed with music and good food served at local joints at the camp station and nights can be spent stargazing with your partner. Witnessing the finesse of this quaint, dainty moonlit mini paradise is bound to leave you in awe of its beauty. 

Traversing Through The Valley 

An adventure-seeking couple can always find themselves interesting activities in Mahabaleshwar. Trekking through the mountains to reach different scenic points, a trip to the historic places of importance and capturing the beauty of the magnificent hues of sunset brings couples closer by turning the trip memorable. Cycling, water scooter rides, boating, swimming and kayaking are other adventure activities that are ought to nurture a bond of love and friendship between the two of you. 

Exploring Heaven on Earth 

With the resemblance of paradise, a small town near Mahabaleshwar – Tapola – is also called ‘Mini Kashmir’. Taking a walk through this town, with fresh river breeze grazing by and witnessing the eye catching beauty of the Sahyadri hills is surely a memory worth creating. The simplistic beauty of the area can be captured in photographs of you and your partner to have your love etched on the memory walls forever. 

Cycling In The Woods

couple riding cycle

The thought of a cycle ride in the tracks of Mahabaleshwar may seem tiresome and effortful but it proves a refreshing and adventurous experience. Couples who love an adventurous trip and are interested in saving time of travel from one scenic point to another may switch to cycling rides. The thrill and adrenaline rush of riding a cycle in the woods and through the valley with your favorite person is a kick in itself. 

An Intimate Dip

Ever imagined you being in a thrilling scene from a Hollywood movie? Pretty waterfalls at Mahabaleshwar propose an opportunity for you and your partner to tap on your adventure nerves and embark on the way to take an intimate dip. The cascading water streams are pleasant and relaxing in all seasons. To experience the ecstasy and thrill of this activity, start early towards the waterfall to find ample private time with your partner. 

A Cute Milkshake Date 

two glass Milkshake

The local food joints have all kinds of snacks and drinks to offer during different seasons. However, strawberry milkshakes here are made from farm fresh freshly squeezed strawberries grown by the locals with love. A fun romantic date over a milkshake ignites the blooming love and promises a refreshing moment. The Mapro garden in Panchgani near Mahabaleshwar is a popular place to visit with your partner to create many such moments by relishing the various dishes served here.

• Souvenir Hunt with Shopping

All women rejoice at the thought of shopping and men are getting on the same lane these days. So, how about a couple shopping trip to the nearest market to go souvenir-hunting for friends and family? You can find home décor items, decent looking bags, handcrafted items and more offered by local vendors at Central Market area in Mahabaleshwar. The streets are lined up with vendors offering different types of shopping items and many restaurants to stop for mid-shopping refreshments.